Old homeless woman asking for money for food

A Guaranteed Minimum Income May Solve More Problems Than It Creates

A basic guaranteed income might help to end homelessness. Homelessness is quite unfortunate. Hopefully homelessness will be eliminated sooner rather than later. Homelessness can be somewhat tragic. Homelessness itself likely makes it harder for individuals to successfully secure work. Homelessness can perhaps be somewhat of a metaphorical hole or trap for some individuals.

If it is economically feasible, respects to sustainability, then it seems that a basic guaranteed income will likely provide a benefit to humanity. Having shelter is good because it protects individuals from potentially dangerous weather and climate conditions. Hopefully all humans will be able to receive basic protection from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous weather conditions.

A basic income does not mean that those who receive it will be living in luxury. It is an amount of money that can enable one to afford basic necessities for living. Such an income might decrease emergency room visits and decrease healthcare costs in other ways too. A basic income might be able to prevent many things that end up costing taxpayers a lot of money later.

It might be that a basic income might be detrimental to society, ultimately. However it seems that ultimately such an income will likely not be a net detriment to society. Prevention usually does cost less than fixing a problem that has been around for a while. A basic income might prevent problems that currently cost taxpayers lots of money. Not being able to afford basic necessities for living on Earth can cause a lot of undesirable problems and can even lead to death.

It is unfortunate that problems in society and on Earth like homelessness have become as bad as they are. Hopefully enough research can be done on basic income guarantees to truly assess if such policies will provide a net benefit to all stakeholders in society. Hopefully more individuals will learn about the potential of a basic guaranteed income; and hopefully more research will be done on such an income to determine if it is economically sustainable.