Humanity needs universal basic income (UBI). UBI can help to alleviate poverty. Basic income could reduce the need for different various sorts of government welfare. Perhaps UBI could eliminate the need for food stamps and TANF. Perhaps basic income could eliminate poverty effectively. Poverty is tragic. Poverty should be eliminated. Hopefully all humans can live lives of abundance.

Cryptocurrency universal basic income (crypto UBI) might be a more efficient way of implementing UBI than waiting for national governments to do so. Encourage politicians to implement universal basic income. Learn about various cryptocurrency basic income projects that exist. Will governments implement UBI before citizens can do so with cryptocurrencies?

It seems quite likely that crypto UBI will be implemented if governments do not implement basic income first. Basic income could reduce crime potentially. Will you help to implement basic income on Earth?

The purpose of these written ideas are to help accelerate the rate at which universal basic income is implemented. Manna is one basic income cryptocurrency. The current status of Manna might be a bit unclear. Perhaps multiple different crypto UBI projects can all coexist and harmonize. Learn about basic income. Spread the idea of basic income so that more humans know about it. Universal basic income is an idea that might likely become much more popular in the coming months and years.


Accelerating Bitcoin Cash Adoption with a BCH Based Basic Income Cryptocurrency

Accelerating Bitcoin Cash adoption with a basic income cryptocurrency might be quite possible and fruitful. A universal basic income is an idea which includes distributing someone amount of currency/money/cash to every individual regardless of their income. A national or state government could implement this theoretical. Some states sort of have, like with their Alaska Permanent…