Welcome to Basic Income Wins! Basic Income Wins is a hub dedicated to exploring, promoting, and advancing the concept of a basic income through various lenses, including state-level UBI and the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies. We navigate the intersection of traditional economic safety nets and innovative financial solutions, aiming to provide a comprehensive perspective on how universal basic income (UBI) can be integrated into our societies.

Our commitment extends beyond theoretical discussions. We delve into actionable insights and projects that demonstrate the tangible impact of UBI initiatives around the globe. By focusing on diverse applications, from state level UBI, to labor union integrations, and to quasi-privatized UBI models, we illuminate the multifaceted nature of basic income distribution systems. Basic Income Wins is about promoting and/or implementing a basic income cryptocurrency, state level UBI, and more.

Cryptocurrency plays a significant role in our discourse, representing a frontier for implementing basic income. As digital currencies and blockchain technology reshape our financial infrastructure, they offer unique opportunities for decentralized and equitable wealth distribution. We critically examine crypto-UBI models and address the challenges they pose, such as avoiding Sybil attacks while maintaining a quasi-decentralized structure.

Moreover, we consider how existing institutions like open banking and credit unions can contribute to a privatized version of UBI, advocating for a blend of innovation and tradition to combat global poverty. Through analysis and dialogue, we highlight pathways for economic empowerment and social progress. Additionally Basic Income Wins discusses the potential of labor unions as UBI champions, the synergy between basic income and cooperative banking, and the philosophical underpinnings of universal income as a human right.

As you peruse Basic Income Wins, expect to find a blend of pragmatism and visionary ideas. Each article, discussion, and project serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a future where financial stability is not a privilege, but a shared foundation upon which we can all thrive. Abundance and post-scarcity are possible for humanity, and universal basic income can be a part of that.  We invite you to explore, engage, and be part of the journey towards a world where basic income wins.