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Tweet to Politicians About Basic Income

Tweet to politicians and tell them that you want to see universal basic income implemented. Politicians need to implement universal basic income.

When do you think that basic income will be implemented for all humans? Soon hopefully. Unbridled capitalism is not moral. We must repeal unjust laws and enact just laws.

Tell politicians that you want to see universal basic income implemented. Tweet to them. Call them. Talk with them in person. Be polite. Be civil. Be respectful.

Read books about basic income. Be involved in basic income communities online like /r/BasicIncome on Reddit.

Be creative in how you try to help have basic income implemented for all humans. Create a YouTube video about basic income. Write a book about basic income and publish on CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing. Be creative! There are millions of ways to become involved. Basic income needs to be implemented and basic income will be implemented.